Up to half of your clients could be vulnerable - how many can you identify?

Vulnerability is an issue coming under increasing scrutiny by the Financial Conduct Authority, and this vulnerability training tool is the first training and development module for financial advisers specifically focussed on identifying and working with vulnerable clients and their families.

SOLLA and JUSTDeveloped by SOLLA in collaboration with Just, this free comprehensive interactive training module will give you an      in-depth understanding of:

  • what constitutes vulnerability in older people
  • how to identify when an older person may be vulnerable
  • where you can make changes in your working practices to ensure an older person receives extra care and support when needed

The module takes approximately one hour to complete and, if you pass the test, you’ll gain the Certificate in Older and Vulnerable Consumer Care as evidence of your CPD and training.

Click here to access the training module


LiBF Accredited CPD logotop with borderThe Certificate in Older and Vulnerable Consumer Care, which is obtained by passing the Consumer Vulnerabiltiy module, is recognised by the LiBF as Accredited CPD and is a great contribution to your LLAA CPD and SPS requirements.