Step 1 : Registration and Associate Membership 

Step 2: Attend the Introduction to the LLAA training session

This webinar will provide you with an overview of the accreditation, what to expect, and how best to prepare.

Find this and other later life webinars on our Training page - all CPD is free of charge for Associate members.

Typically an adviser spends 60 plus hours preparing for the LLAA.

Step 3: LLAA application form and booking an assessment 

  • The online application form has five sections. You can complete these in any order, and can part-complete and save them so you can return to them later. There is no set timescale for this process, and how long it takes will vary depending on each candidate, and your level of preparedness. More detail can be found in the LLAA Guide.
  • Look at the assessment dates in advance as this provides a timeframe to work towards and a submission date for your application.
  • Book an Assessment 

Step 4: LLAA Assessment 

  • The assessment is a one-to-one interview with an independent auditor. It will take approximately 90 minutes.
  • You will receive a client based case study 14 days in advance of your assessment. There is a set of questions specific to each case study which will be used to assess your technical and soft skills. 
  • More detail on the assessment process and how best to prepare can be found in the LLAA Guide.

Step 5: LLAA Review 

  • The online application along with the assessment report are collated and reviewed by the LLAA Panel.
  • The Panel Chair is independent of SOLLA and oversees the LLAA process and procedures. All Panel members are experts in their given field.  The spread of expertise and standard review of procedures ensures a robust and fair review of every candidate’s application and assessment. 
  • Each candidate is referenced by candidate number only.

Step 6: LLAA Results 

Results are emailed to candidates within seven working days of the panel meeting. Outcomes tend to be as follows:

  • Pass
  • Pass with CPD
  • Deferred result
  • Fail (mandatory or cumulative lack of knowledge)

For more information on the result outcomes please see the LLAA Guide

Step 7: SOLLA Membership  

  • Following successful completion of the LLAA, candidates must complete a short, Full member application to declare any upheld complaints and to evidence their firm’s Older & Vulnerable Client policy. For further guidance please contact the Accreditation manager or review our Older client care procedures.

Step 8: Annual relicensing 

  • Each year you are required to undertake a short online relicensing exercise to evidence complaints, SPS, CPD and that your details are up to date.

Step 9: Re-accreditation after five years 

  • As a consumer facing organising that endorses your later life skills it is important that we ensure that you are maintaining your knowledge as a later life adviser and SOLLA member. As such, every five years you are required to retake the face-to-face assessment.
  • The process is the same for every candidate whether first time accreditation or re-accreditation and each candidate must reach the same standard in order to be successful.