A practical approach when it comes to talking to clients about care

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Advisers are often asked about the more practical aspects of choosing care.

  • Can someone always stay in their own home?
  • When is it too late to downsize?
  • What about adaptions and improvements?
  • Who pays for what and what are the issues around live-in carers and accommodation?
  • What are the advantages of staying at home and is there a stage when residential care might be a better option?
  • What are the charging differences and why don't more people choose to be cared for at home?
  • Can being at home rather than hospital always be an option?
  • Why don’t so few people plan their end of life when so many have a definite view of what they hoped for?

To help you discuss these care issues with clients and families, Zoe  Elkins of the Good Care Group will offer some useful insights into what good practice looks like and how to broach these subjects as part of your later life advice offering. 

(Please note that if you are unable to listen at this particular time on 3rd May, a recording will be available afterwards to listen to at your convenience - booking still required)


Jo Williams


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