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19 August 2021

Views: Five reasons to achieve the Later Life Lending Advice Standard (LLLAS)

Finding good equity release advice shouldn’t be too much for a consumer to ask: poor advice can have a catastrophic impact on people’s lives. 

SOLLA Later Life Lending 350pxThat’s why SOLLA has introduced the Later Life Lending Advice Standard, a quality assurance mark that practically demonstrates an adviser’s experience and expertise in equity release advice, helping consumers find trusted advice from a specialist who genuinely understands their needs. 

Here are five ways achieving the LLLAS benefits you and your clients. 

1. Mark yourself out as a true specialist

You’ll mark yourself out not only as an equity release expert, but a specialist when it comes to working with older and vulnerable people. 

2. Improve your clients’ outcomes

Deliver the right advice using clear language that consumers can understand, giving your clients the confidence to make informed decisions. 

3. Work with other recognised professionals

Have the opportunity to work more closely with other organisations, including other financial advisers, legal professionals, local authorities, and charities, who highly trust and value SOLLA in the field of later life advice. 

4. Reap the benefits of ongoing support

SOLLA supports you while you undertake the LLLAS, and afterwards too. You’ll have access to a range of invaluable resources, all designed to help you stay up to date and ahead of the curve. This includes expert industry insights, discussion forums and regular webinars. You’ll also get your professional profile listed for consumers to see on the SOLLA Later Life Lending Advice Standard website

5. Promote the need for equity release advice 

By attaining the LLLAS, you’ll be helping raise the bar across the board for advice in the equity release market, ensuring consumers understand they can be confident in accessing trusted advice that could make all the difference in their future later life. 

If you’re interested in achieving the SOLLA Later Life Lending Advice Standard, you can find out more here: