All later life advisers who wish to become members of the Society of Later Life Advisers (SOLLA) are expected to have their own older client care procedures in place. You will need to evidence your company’s older client care procedures when applying for full membership or the Later Life Lending Advice Standard.

When reviewing your own older client care procedures - you should consider the following examples:

  • I conduct business with older clients and clients with disabilities with integrity, dignity and respect, being mindful of the well-being and confidentiality of the client at all times
  • When dealing directly with an older client, I invite them when appropriate, to involve a trusted friend or family member but will respect their need for privacy should they decline to do so
  • Any written record of the advice provided to the client can also be provided to any other person
    nominated and for as long as that has been agreed by the client
  • Always use a Plain English policy and communicate in clear, easy to understand language, avoiding financial jargon wherever possible
  • Allowing for any disability, limitations in mobility, capacity, hearing and visual difficulties and taking this
    into account when communicating in written form and verbally
  • Ensuring correspondence and documents can be produced in large print if necessary and are appropriately formatted for relevant technology such as smart phone or iPad
  • Maintaining the client's dignity and privacy. Where appropriate, offering home visits as an alternative to a visit to the office
  • Making the complaints procedure and details of this available to the client