How long will it take me to become accredited?

It will depend on your level of experience and whether you already have the necessary qualifications and CPD. Assessments are held four times a year. - click here for factors to consider when booking your assessment date.

How much time should I allocate to prepare for the LLAA?

Typically an adviser spends 60 plus hours preparing for their LLAA. No specific CPD is awarded for the LLAA assessment, however CPD is awarded for the training and development aspects that underpin the preparatory work required.

When should I book an assessment date?

You can book your assessment date at any time. However, we would encourage you to consider the factors involved so that you select a date that is achievable. the SOLLA team are available to help plan the most effective timeline for your accreditation.

How do I book an assessment date?

Once you have selected a date and format (venue or online) you can book the assessment date via the accreditation application. You will find the “Book an Assessment” button at the bottom left hand side of the application.

Should I wait until I have the long term care and/or equity release qualifications?

Not necessarily. You can be working towards the accreditation at the same time as completing the exams however we would caution about taking on too much thereby hindering your assessment preparation. We recommend that you join as an Associate Member even if you still need to complete the exams and then plan an achievable timeline for the accreditation.

Do I need to be qualified to give equity release advice?

No. We do not require you to be qualified to transact equity release business but we do require you to have a level of knowledge so that you are able to discuss with clients. In order to evidence that you have this level of knowledge we require you to have undertaken an equity release paper, see LLAA Guide for more information on qualifications.

I am looking to move into the later life advice market, can I undertake the LLAA now?

Yes you can. You are not expected to be actively advising on all areas of the syllabus, it is your understanding and ability to explain that matters.

I am a Restricted adviser, can I become accredited?

Yes, however you can only become a SOLLA member and be listed on the Find an Adviser facility if you are Independent or Restricted Whole of Market.  If you are Restricted to one product you would hold the accreditation only and can refer to yourself as an Accredited Later Life Adviser.

I am not currently signed off as competent, can I still apply?

You cannot achieve the accreditation without being signed off as competent. However, if you are in the process of being signed off then you can join as an associate member and can be working towards the accreditation. If you change firm and are waiting to be signed off when you undertake the accreditation your result will be pending until we receive evidence of your sign off.

Can the firm be accredited?

No, the accreditation is awarded to the adviser and not the firm. 

Why do I need to re-accredit every five years?

We are a consumer facing organisation, our aim being to provide consumers access to accredited advisers who have demonstrated the highest standard of knowledge and skills. To ensure that our advisers maintain this level of knowledge we require that they undertake the assessment every five years. We can thereby reassure consumers and third parties that our standards are continually maintained.