29 November 2018

Congratulations to SOLLA members Later Life Asset Management. Award Winners at the recent Health Insurance Awards.

SOLLA, for the second year running sponsored the Best Intermediary for Later Life Advice category at the recent Health Insurance Awards. These awards recognise achievements not only in your business but also in your career.

SOLLA hi awards winners nov 2018 montage

SOLLA members, Bill Calderbank and Mark Oswell from Later Life Asset Management once again featured prominently at the prestigious Health Insurance Awards for 2018, held at the Grosvenor House Hotel on Park Lane in London.

Having had no less than 3 shortlisted finalists, we are delighted that the practice has provided the winner of The Best Intermediary for Later Life Advice award for the second succesive year, Mark's first win” explains Director Bill Calderbank.

The award was presented by Tish Hanifan, founder and co-chair of The Society of Later Life Advisers who commented, “As a Society, we are committed to the highest standards of professionalism and excellence. The team at Later Life Asset Management have been strong supporters of our aims and objectives over many years and the recognition they have achieved through these awards is thoroughly deserved.

In addition, the firm also won the coveted Intermediary Innovation Award in recognition of the company’s successful development of advice in later life. “The financial challenges in later life are ever more complex,” explained Bill Calderbank. “Planning for our retirement, considering the options for taking pension benefits, mitigating our tax position, investing to provide for our family’s financial security and having the support for our care needs as we get older are real issues.” 

Having our efforts recognised by an independent panel of judges is a real endorsement of our approach and we believe it will give great comfort to our current and future clients to know that their advisory team have been successful at a national awards level, not just this year, but in consecutive years.

 SOLLA why enter awards

SOLLA caught up with both members and wanted to ask them why they enter the awards year on year and what are the benefits they have seen?

1. Why did you enter the Health Insurance Awards?

Bill: I entered the Later Life Adviser award when it was introduced in 2017 as this is the sector in which we advise

Mark: I entered the Awards to support SOLLA in raising the profile of Later Life Advice, to try and build on the success Later Life Asset Management had in 2017 and to see how far I might get !

2. Was it a difficult process to go through?

Bill: It does take time to read the brief, draft a suitable submission and refine this into an acceptable submission.

Mark: This was my first attempt and the main difficulty was deciding what to submit which is always more difficult when the scope is so wide. I would estimate having spent between eight and ten hours on the Award submission.

3. What was the most challenging question you answered?

Bill: There are no questions. The challenge is to interpret the brief and to ensure that the case study you submit addresses the brief.

Mark: The principle challenge was to provide something that would attempt to concisely explain some of the many varied and complex issues facing a family who need to self fund long term care

4. What benefits have you seen from the award win?

Bill: We had a very positive response to our practice’s success last year and we expect this to apply again. We believe its is reassuring for current and future clients that our approach has been recognised with these awards

Mark: The win was unexpected given the calibre of my co nominees and naturally I am very proud. There is much work to do to signpost people in later life to the trusted and specialist advice available to them and both I and later Life Asset Management will be using our success at the Awards to reinforce this message at every opportunity.