28 August 2019

Members Update: Social care reform

Apparently, in an under reported aside at the G7 summit in Biarritz, the Prime Minister signalled a delay in bringing forward plans to tackle the social care crisis. Having made the reform of social care a centrepiece of his inaugural speech, he now says “we will be advancing plans in due course”.  

He went on to add “Social care is a huge issue facing this country [and] we do have to address it. We are working very hard on it… and in an ideal world we would bring parties together across the political divide and get a consensus on it, but we have to satisfy two criteria - nobody should be forced to sell their home and everybody should have dignity and security in old age." 

Mr Johnson has suggested a 10 year funding plan, possibly a state-backed insurance scheme under which people would start saving for better care in old age. This could involve providing financial support for three-generation families prepared to look after their elderly relatives at home rather than putting them in a care home, with families being able to apply for tax relief it they chose to adapt or extend their homes.

I think all we can safely read into all these various proposals, for significant social care funding, is that major changes are coming and this will make the provision of appropriate best advice, that will stand the test of time, even more precarious. SOLLA will continue to shine a light on these changes as they come to fruition and give you plenty of notice of what is to come.


Peter Barnett
Chair, SOLLA Advisory Board