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06 October 2020

Views: Case study from SOLLA member Ian Porter

Ian Porter - Director and Adviser, Roberts Clifford Wealth Management, and SOLLA member since 2020Ian Porter 350px

I became a SOLLA member because working with older clients, particularly those with health issues, requires a unique set of abilities. You need later life financial expertise, a comprehensive understanding of the care system and range of soft communication skills.

SOLLA is the only organisation that backs you on this learning journey. I have never experienced such a high level of assistance, with every member of the SOLLA team I interacted with proactively supporting me through the process.

SOLLA Accreditation is focused, challenging you to read around the subject and gain a deeper understanding of later life advice that you wouldn’t get from a traditional textbook learning approach. As advisers, we work with some of the most vulnerable people in society, so we have a huge obligation to safeguard and work in their best interests.

SOLLA Membership has opened doors for me professionally. I have formed links with local specialists, including funeral directors, independent social workers and care home managers. I have also applied to join East Sussex County Council’s Support with Confidence Scheme, where my SOLLA Accreditation is key.

In the past I’ve worked for a number of businesses, some of which were truly client-centric and, sadly, others that were not. I now work for myself and have the freedom to adhere to my personal code of ethics, which is aligned with SOLLA’s Code of Best Practice. I am free to give advice that is delivered with kindness and reflects a genuine interest in my clients’ wellbeing.

Achieving the SOLLA Gold Standard gives you a different outlook on later life advice, moving the approach away from the technical and towards the truly personal. We aim to give people financial security and remove worry and uncertainty; it can be a huge relief to someone when they’ve got care home funding sorted.

I would encourage any serious financial planner to achieve SOLLA Accreditation, it may be the most rewarding learning experience of their career.