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28 August 2020

Views: Case study from SOLLA member Ian Evans

Ian Evans croppedIan Evans - Head of Later Life Advice, Fiveways Financial Planning; SOLLA member since 2013; SOLLA Advisory Board Member

Helping a vulnerable couple in their 70s save over £150,000 on care costs has definitely been a career highlight for me.

I was approached by an older client, whose husband had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. The couple had been repeatedly turned down for NHS Continuing Healthcare (NHS CHC), where people with long-term complex health needs qualify for free social care. As a result, they were being charged for respite care, on top of several other care bills.

As soon as I looked at their case, I realised they were eligible for NHS CHC. I contacted a solicitor I knew was an expert in this area, who wrote a letter to the local authority asking for the case to be reviewed. Upon reassessment, it was found that the husband’s initial diagnosis was wrong, he instead had parasupranuclear palsy. To begin with, this presents like Parkinson’s but the degeneration is much, much quicker.

The relief was palpable when the couple started receiving NHS CHC. They went from forking out upwards of £900 a week, to the NHS paying considerably more to cover the complete cost of the husband’s care. This reduced the financial strain on the couple and saved them an awful lot of additional stress and heartache.

I decided to go for my SOLLA accreditation in 2013. My mum had dementia and I’d seen first-hand how the system let her down. I didn’t want other people to go through what we experienced.

As a financial adviser specialising in later life planning, I’m able bridge the divide between the local authority, care homes and solicitors. Working together, we’re able to get the right advice to the right person at the right time.

SOLLA advisers combine an understanding of the issues affecting older people and their families, with the expertise to guide often vulnerable clients through a very complicated system. Crucially, we also have the skills to talk about difficult topics with warmth, compassion and empathy. I always say SOLLA advisers are soft and squidgy.

I’ve got more than 30 years’ experience as a financial adviser, having started my career at a high street bank, before becoming an independent financial adviser. While all financial advisers work in the best interest of their clients, when it comes to later life matters, SOLLA advisers see the bigger picture.

When we heard NHS Continuing Healthcare funding had been granted, the relief was palpable. This would save upwards of £900 a week

Ian Evans, financial adviser and SOLLA member