Entry level requirements

In order to apply for the accreditation you must:

  • Be qualified and assessed as competent under the FCA rules to give financial advice
  • Hold a current Statement of Professional Standing (SPS)
  • Hold an appropriate (Level 4) financial planning qualification
  • Hold an appropriate equity release qualification
  • Hold an appropriate long term care qualification
  • Be signed off as competent under your employer’s T&C scheme

Things to consider before applying

  • Qualifications: Make sure the required examinations have been passed or have been entered and ensure that the result will be known before the submission date for your selected assessment date.
  • Knowledge Areas: Read the syllabus and the LLAA application guide, and be satisfied that your knowledge levels are sufficient to meet the standards required.
  • LLAA Intro Workshop: We recommend that you attend the LLAA Introduction workshop, which is held in various venues around the UK. It provides an opportunity to clarify LLAA requirements and prepare for the assessment. Click here for details of upcoming workshops.
  • Application Form: As you begin your application please ensure that you read the online application form in detail and familiarise yourself with the questions, the information required, and the evidence to be submitted.
  • Time: Allow plenty of time to complete the application and gather the details and evidence required, to ensure that you can complete it before the submission date.

Associate membership

If you are considering applying for the LLAA, we highly recommend that you consider becoming an Associate Member. By becoming an Associate Member, you are committing to becoming an Accredited Later Life Adviser and full member of the Society. You will enjoy all the benefits of full membership, with the exception of your details not being displayed on the website until you have achieved the LLAA and are a full member. You can only be an Associate Member for a maximum of 2 years.

Need help?

If you recognise that you need more help before you are ready to apply, then we can help you and give you the confidence to proceed. We would recommend that you attend a LLAA Intro workshop, which will look at the soft skills and standards requirements. It will also look at the most common questions candidates ask. SOLLA also offers a wide range of training workshops and webinars throughout the year, covering the many LLAA syllabus topics, which will help you to improve your knowledge and add to your CPD.

If you have any questions about the accreditation or would like to discuss any aspect of your application, please do not hesitate to contact Cindy Sudbury, the Accreditation Manager, at llaa@societyoflaterlifeadvisers.co.uk or on 0333 2020 454.


The Later Life Adviser Accreditation Candidate Fee is £900. This is payable at the point of booking your assessment date.

If you are an Associate Member (which costs £250 per year) then if you book your assessment date within either year of membership, your Associate Membership fee for that year will be deducted from the cost of the accreditation.

The SOLLA Membership and Annual Re-license Fee is £24.50 per month, payable by Direct Debit. This covers the cost of your SOLLA membership, and relicensing your status as an accredited Later Life Adviser.

The cost of the five year re-accreditation is £650.

Maintaining the accreditation

In addition to achieving initial accreditation, successful candidates are required to commit to ongoing professional development and review of their practices. This involves an annual re-license submission relating to recent CPD, complaints and any changes in working environment. Every five years, candidates are required to undertake a full re-accreditation.

Additional information

For further details, please see the LLAA application guide.